WPLegalPages - Best WordPress legal pages plugin

WPLegalPages is WordPress plugin which generates legal policies for your WordPress site.

It has 25 customizable legal policy templates.

  1. Terms of Use (forced agreement - don't allow your users to proceed without agreeing to your terms)
  2. Linking Policy Template
  3. External Links Policy Template
  4. Terms and Conditions Template
  5. Refund Policy Template
  6. Affiliate Disclosure Template
  7. Privacy Policy Template
  8. Affiliate Agreement Template
  9. Facebook Privacy Policy Template
  10. Earnings Disclaimer Template
  11. Antispam Template
  12. Double Dart Cookie Template
  13. Disclaimer Template
  14. FTC Statement Template
  15. Medical Disclaimer Template
  16. Testimonials Disclosure Template
  17. Amazon Affiliate Disclosure Template
  18. DMCA Policy Template
  19. California Privacy Rights Template
  20. Digital Goods Refund Policy Template
  21. COPPA - Children's Online Privacy Policy Template
  22. Blog Comments Policy Template
  23. Return and Refund Policy Template
  24. About us Template
  25. Newsletter : Subscription and Disclaimer Template

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